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MODASTI’s key reference PROJECTS

Modasti Consulting are Arjen Jaarsma, a Public Transport Expert with more than 20 years of experience in public transport, and Petra van den Boorn, a Risk Management Expert with more than 25 years of experience in finance, auditing, governance and risk management.

Their most recent projects (i.e. over the last six years) are mentioned below.

Plan of Approach for BRT case

year:                2019

country:           Netherlands

client:               Movares

As an independent consultant, Arjen was hired by Movares, a leading Dutch consulting firm, to assist in the development of a Plan of Approach to solve infrastructural problems for four Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines in the vicinity of Amsterdam. This Plan of Approach was a required test case for a large framework contract tender by the Transport Region Amsterdam. Arjen’s role was to function as tender strategist and BRT expert.

Public Transport Saad Al Abdullah City

year:          2018 – ongoing

country:     Kuwait

client:         Transmotion                          (end client: Public Authority for Housing Welfare)

As a sub-consultant to Transmotion, a Kuwait based traffic and transportation consultancy, Arjen is developing an Integrated Public Transport Plan for the Saad Al Abdullah City Master Plan Project. In cooperation with South Korean partners, South Saad Al Abdullah City will be developed as a smart green city for 250,000 people. The Integrated Public Transport Plan aims to offer high-quality public transport for the inhabitants with a smooth interface with the future metro system of Kuwait City.

Further development of Risk Management and Control Framework

year:          2018 – ongoing

country:     Netherlands

client:         Zilveren Kruis Zorgverzekeringen N.V.     (via Myler)

As a risk management expert, Petra supports the operational management of the largest Dutch health insurance company (with a yearly turnover of € 13 billion) in improving their operational risk management. She also gives advice about improving the efficiency of the Control Framework. Result of this will be that operational processes are now efficiently in control while still complying with applicable rules and regulations.

Consultations on Electric Buses

year:          2017 – ongoing

region:       Europe

client:         GLG                                        (end client: companies in the transport industry)

As an advisory council member of GLG, Arjen regularly gives advice about the effects of the rise of Electric Buses and other mobility trends to Bus Manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Urban Mobility Plans Izmir and Kocaeli

year:          2018 – 2019

country:     Turkey

client:         Integrated Transport Planning Ltd         (end client: World Bank)

As a sub-consultant to ITP, a pioneering UK consultancy, Arjen was part of a team of experts assisting Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with streamlining and updating their Urban Mobility Plans. This World Bank financed project had a very strong focus on the public transport systems of the two metropolitan areas. As a task leader, Arjen was responsible for the analysis of the Economic and Financial sustainability of current and proposed Public Transport.

Dubai Government Excellence Program

year:          2018

country:     United Arab Emirates

client:         HWTC BV                               (end client: RTA Dubai)

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), Arjen conducted self-assessments at RTA’s main office in Dubai to prepare the organisation for the 21st edition of the prestigious Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) in 2019. The assignment involved two self-assessments: Financial Sustainability (with RTA’s Sustainability Committee) and Buses and Public Transportation (with RTA’s Public Transport Agency).

Assessment of Risk Management and Control Framework

year:          2017 – 2018

country:     Netherlands

client:         Zilveren Kruis Zorgverzekeringen N.V.     (via Myler)

Petra advised on the quality of operational risk management in the largest health insurance company in the Netherlands. With a baseline measurement, the quality was assessed, and Petra gave advise on points of improvement.

Public transport connection to new cruise terminal

year:          2017

country:     Netherlands

client:         Municipality of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s current cruise terminal will be closed in the following years. This study identified the best new location for a cruise terminal. Arjen’s involvement in the project was to carry out a feasibility study to connect the new cruise terminal with future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes. With this BRT connection, tourists will have a fast connection between their cruise ship and the Amsterdam city centre.

Innovative public transport hubs

year:          2017

country:     Netherlands

client:         Public Transport Agency Groningen Drenthe

Together with its 35 municipalities, the public transport agency for the Provinces Groningen and Drenthe is responsible for the procurement and operation of Hub taxi, a shared taxi transport service. Arjen developed a strategy for the client to develop this system to a higher level in three phases: (i) enhancing the current transport hubs in the region and/or extending them with small-scale hubs; (ii) introducing electric taxis; (iii) introducing booking and paying with an app (Mobility-as-a-Service).

Risk Management and Internal Control

year:          2016 – 2017

country:     Netherlands

client:         Koninklijke Visio                                       (via AuditPeople)

In this large company in the health care sector, Petra advised the Board of Directors in improving their risk management and internal control system. She executed a stakeholder analyses and developed several scenarios for setting up a new risk management and control framework. Petra also wrote an implementation plan based on the chosen scenario.

Implementation of Risk based Audit approach

year:          2013 – 2016

country:     Netherlands

client:         Zorgverzekeraar Zorg en Zekerheid

As manager of the Internal Audit Department of the health insurance company, Petra implemented a risk-based audit approach. Setting up an enterprise wide risk analyses together with the Board of Directors, she pointed out the high-risk areas in the company. Based on that, she developed a yearly risk-based audit plan.

Position paper electric buses

year:          2014 – 2015

region:       European Union

client:         Fimotions                                                (end client: BYD Europe BV)

Arjen is one of two authors of this independent position paper aiming to increase the share of Electric Buses in urban areas. The position paper includes a calculation of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), consisting of lease cost, fuel cost, maintenance cost, other operational costs and external environmental cost. It also addresses governance and finance issues, especially the effect of Electric Buses on concessions and public service contracts, including the financing mechanisms behind them. The position paper also contains a case study of the Amstelland-Meerlanden concession south of Amsterdam consisting mainly of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines.

Development of business plan for new public transport bus operator

year:          2013 – 2015

country:     Netherlands

client:         Go! Groen ov

Go! Groen ov (Go! Green public transport) was a Dutch start-up that aimed to become a fossil-free Public Transport Operator. Together with his co-founders, Arjen carried out extensive market research and had talks with strategic partners as electric bus manufactures and venture capital investors. He also led the development of concession proposals for Southeast Brabant (€ 50 million yearly turnover) and Almere (mainly BRT, € 30 million yearly turnover). Together with her co-founders, Petra prepared a long-term business plan based on the deployment of Electric Buses running on electricity from renewable resources. She developed several financial scenarios for the business plan and a risk management framework for this start-up.

CO2 emissions Dutch public transport

year:          2013 – 2014

country:     Netherlands

client:         Knowledge platform CROW

This research project collected data regarding the bus vehicle fleet, fuel consumption, bus depot energy efficiency and passenger numbers for the different Public Transport Authorities in the Netherlands. Based on this, model calculations were made resulting in an average CO2 emission (in grams per passenger kilometre) for every authority – mainly regional, metropolitan or urban governments – governing the public transport systems in the country.

Zero emission plan North Brabant

year:          2013

country:     Netherlands

client:         Keolis Nederland

Arjen prepared the deployment plan of Electric Buses (dubbed as a zero-emission plan) for the client’s proposal for Concession North Brabant (public transport operations with € 100 million yearly turnover) in south Netherlands. This plan aimed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses (CO2) and particulate matter (PM10) by introducing Electric Buses during the public transport concession period of ten years.

CO2 emissions reduction metro stations

year:          2013

region:       Europe

client:         RET                                                          (end client: EU)

Five European public transport companies (moBiel, RATP, RET, STIB and TfGM) in large metropolitan areas joined forces to reduce CO2 emissions from public transport under the EU project Ticket to Kyoto. Arjen assisted one of them (RET, the municipal public transport operator in Rotterdam) with its role in a workgroup responsible for energy savings in metro stations.