Modasti’s projects

During its active years, Modasti Consulting conducted a total of 13 projects.

1 –  Support to Public Transport Operator

year:           2022 – 2023

country:      Saudi Arabia

client:          Keolis Group

I worked for Keolis, an international public transport company, to map out mobility opportunities and projects to enter the public transport market in Saudi Arabia.

2 – Evaluation of eBRT Project Proposals

year:           2022

region:        Europe

client:          CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency

I worked for CINEA, an agency of the European Union, as an external expert on the evaluation of project proposals for Horizon Europe, the current seven-year EU scientific research program. The proposals involved plans to develop the next generation of innovative public transport systems using full electric buses through eBRT (electric Bus Rapid Transit), including associated charging systems.

3 – Mobility Operational Plan

year:           2021 – 2022

country:      Saudi Arabia

client:          Serco (end client: Red Sea Global)

As a sub-consultant to Serco, an international provider of government services, I was project manager and operations lead in a multidisciplinary team working on the Mobility Operational Readiness Plan for the Red Sea Project. The Red Sea Project is a large property tourism destination that includes several islands (as well as some inland locations) on the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast. The assignment (conducted in close cooperation with consulting firm WSP) covered the deployment of electric buses, electric cars, shared bicycles, and hydrogen marine vessels to transport guests and staff within the area of the Red Sea Project.

4 – Bus Rapid Transit Corridor from Utrecht to Haarlem

year:           2021 – 2022

country:      Netherlands

client:          Movares (end client: CROW)

As a sub-consultant to leading Dutch consulting firm Movares, I was the technical manager in a multidisciplinary team working for Knowledge Platform CROW, the Dutch technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space. In this project, we developed a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) plan for the corridor Utrecht-Amstelveen-Haarlem. These three cities and their direct surroundings face a lot of traffic congestion, which a BRT system on this 60+ km long corridor can alleviate.

5 – Review Public Transport Plan Greater Salalah

year:           2020

country:      Oman

client:          Royal HaskoningDHV (end client: Supreme Council for Planning)

I reviewed a public transport plan developed as part of the regional spatial strategy for the Omani governate of Dhofar. At the core of the plan were a bus rapid transit (BRT) system and transit-oriented development (TOD) to accommodate the population growth in Salalah, the capital city of the governate. I reviewed the public transport plan and wrote substantial extensions to it.

6 – Public Transport Study for Sakakah

year:           2019 – 2020

country:      Saudi Arabia

client:          Royal HaskoningDHV (end client: Transport General Authority)

As a transportation planning expert, I was part of a multidisciplinary team led by global engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV that developed a public transport system for Sakakah and the surrounding areas. Sakakah is the capital city of the Al Jouf region in the northern part of the country. The project’s owner was the national Transport General Authority (TGA, based in Riyadh), and the local authorities in Al Jouf were the most important stakeholders. I developed a vision for the new public transport system in close collaboration with the other project team members and all stakeholders. Considering the results of a travel demand model run by the team, I designed three options for the new system: a system based on regular buses, a system with bus rapid transit as its backbone, and a system with LRT or tram as its backbone. Furthermore, I led the development of an investment strategy (CAPEX), an operational plan (OPEX), and a contract of operations for the selected public transport option: a system based on electric buses.

7 – Economic Evaluation of Public Transport Systems

year:           2019

country:      Saudi Arabia

client:          Royal HaskoningDHV (end client: Transport General Authority)

As a transportation planning expert, I was part of a multidisciplinary team led by global engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV that developed an integrated national tool to measure the economic benefits of urban public transport in the country. The project’s owner was the national Transport General Authority (TGA, based in Riyadh), and the most important stakeholders were the five largest cities in the country: Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, and Dammam.

8 –  Support to Public Transport Operator

year:           2019

country:     United Kingdom

client:          Integrated Transport Planning Ltd. (end client: not disclosed)

During a short assignment, I was hired by pioneering UK consultancy ITP to advise a European public transport operator about the pros and cons of bidding for a bus service contract in Dubai.

9 –  Plan of Approach for Bus Rapid Transit Lines

year:           2019

country:      Netherlands

client:          Movares

As a tender strategist, I was hired by leading Dutch consulting firm Movares to assist in developing a plan of approach to solve infrastructural problems for four Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines in the vicinity of Amsterdam. This Plan of Approach was required as part of a bid for a large framework contract to provide consultancy services for Amsterdam’s transport region. I wrote the main text for the bid. Several weeks after submission, Movares was announced as one of the three winners of the tender.

10 – Urban Mobility Plans Izmir and Kocaeli

year:           2018 – 2019

country:      Turkey

client:          Integrated Transport Planning Ltd. (end client: The World Bank)

As a sub-consultant to pioneering UK consultancy ITP, I was part of a team of experts assisting Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with streamlining and updating their urban mobility plans. As a task leader, I was responsible for the analysis of the economic and financial sustainability of current and proposed public transport investments (mainly commuter rail and metro route extensions).

11 – Public Transport Saad Al Abdullah City

year:           2018 – 2019

country:      Kuwait

client:          Transmotion (end client: Public Authority for Housing Welfare)

As a sub-consultant to Transmotion, a Kuwait-based traffic and transportation consultancy, I developed an integrated public transport plan for the Saad Al Abdullah City Master Plan Project.

12 – Dubai Government Excellence Program

year:           2018

country:      United Arab Emirates

client:          HWTC (end client: Roads and Transport Authority)

As a subject matter expert (SME), I conducted in-person assessments to prepare the RTA for the 21st edition of the prestigious Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) in 2019. The assignment involved two assessments: financial sustainability (with RTA’s Sustainability Committee) and buses and public transportation (with RTA’s Public Transport Agency).

13 – Consultations on Electric Buses

year:           2017 – 2018

region:        Europe

client:          GLG (end clients: not disclosed)

As an advisory council member of GLG, the world’s expert insight network platform, I advised bus manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers about the effects of the rise of electric buses.