Fields of Expertise

I provide consulting services in the following four fields of expertise:

1 – Decarbonization of Transport

The current global challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize transport will become a key element in many countries’ policies. I have a number of concepts available on how to do this as cost-effectively as possible.

Services in this domain also include:

  • electrification of railways (the phase-out of diesel trains);
  • electrification of bus systems by scaling up grid capacity, installing charging points, and introducing battery-electric buses;
  • conversion of conventional Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems to electric BRT (eBRT).

In February 2023, I gave a presentation about Decarbonisation and Electrification of Bus Fleets during the first Clean Buses in MENA Conference in Dubai. The presentation was well received by the audience and the organisation of the conference (Global Mass Transit).

2 – Public Transport Visions

Public transport visions are created when there is a need for a long-term plan for sustainable transport measures and investment decisions. With my strategic scope, I can assist government bodies with the formulation of such visions.

I can also assist in the following areas:

  • development of a public transport strategy;
  • design of a public transport master plan;
  • formulation of funding strategies to implement and construct the components of the strategy/plan.

3 – Public Transport Networks

The development of a public transport network (or the extension of an existing network) is, in most cases, the core element of a public transport vision or strategy/plan. I am very experienced in the development of networks at both an abstract level and a detailed level. I have experience in converting visions, mobility trends, and transport model output into route networks that meet passengers’ demands.

Services in this domain also include:

  • development of a positive business case for the public transport system;
  • inventory and selection of the appropriate public transport modalities (e.g., train, metro, light rail, electric bus, eBRT or Mobility-as-a-Service);
  • the definition of appropriate frequencies (headways) to meet passenger demand and the calculation of the fleet size.

4 – Public Transport Services

After the public transport network has been constructed, a public transport operator will provide the daily services, very often with an operating subsidy provided by the government.

I can assist with the following:

  • digitalization of public transport operations (like the introduction of contactless ticketing systems and advanced monitoring of travel data) in order to make the operations as cost-effective as possible;
  • liberalization of rail and bus services in the form of advanced Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) or the sole procurement of public transport operations;
  • tenders in order to select the best private company (very often a consortium) to invest in or to operate the public transport system.